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Treat Keep
Pet Training Made Easy. Store dog treats and other pet goodies in our flexible pop-open pouch.
Pill Organizer. Manage your daily medications with our dual pill pouches.
Ear Protection On The Go. We pack five pairs of super soft foam ear plugs into our quick-open carrying case.
EarBudz FlatPak
Protect your earbuds and minimize tangled cables in a flexible storage pouch.

Customer Comments

  • This is a very handy pill holder. You only need one hand to squeeze the holder open to pop the pill out onto the other hand. There is no worry about dropping a lid. It is soft and light weight.
  • A super pill pouch for when eating out. Taking it on a cruise when I need my pills with food.
  • These FlexiPak containers are wonderful for your purse, briefcase, backpack, car, and anywhere you need to carry some pills.
  • Was glad to see you still sold these. My 84 year old mom got one years ago & loves it & had so many requests from her friends I got her a few to pass out!
  • I have used these little packets to carry medications for years. They are compact and easy to carry around in a pocket.
  • Not only are these little pill pouches handy and secure but they are extremely well-priced. Highly recommended.
  • Perfect for a couple of pills or capsules. The pouch keeps them secure in a purse or pocket and are very light weight. Even if you didn't take meds regularly, it would be handy to have for the occasional ibuprofen.

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